Ship Commandeering 101

Session 2

Elemental galleon

As we left off last time, the party was getting ready to board the pirate ship that attacked the Lyrandar cruise ship. The party killed several more pirate goons before engaging the captain Warrick and his apparent superior, the masked sorcerer known as Tempest. After the fight got too real, Warrick surrendered and Tempest flew away. The party brought Warrick back to the cruise ship and threw him in the brig.

Both ships were damaged in the battle, and while fixing them the party discovered that the elemental propulsion system of the cruise ship was sabotaged. The party put a pin in that while dealing with the pirate captain on the way to shore.

The party interrogated Warrick about the attack and the stores of Blood Sugar found in the cargo hold. In exchange for freedom Warrick told us that he was only following the orders of Tempest, who is the leader of the Cloudreavers, a pirate gang from the Lhazaar Principalities. Unfortunately the party was unable to free Warrick, but Zane made a decent case for leniency for him.

When the ships reached their destination, the party started screening the passengers as they were disembarking. Eventually they discovered a doppelganger impersonating a dwarf who fessed up to the sabotage of the propulsion system. According to him, he was paid by a member of
House Orien to hit the Lyrandar shipping network. House Orien has a fierce rivalry with House Lyrandar, whose airshipping industry Orien believes is infringing upon their overland transportation business.


Takinator Takinator

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