The Battle at the Blood Sugar Bar


It did not take long to find Darius. He was well-known enough in the seedy underbelly of Sharn; the hard part was just finding someone who wasn’t too scared of Darius to disclose his location. It seemed he had picked an old stone structure that was converted into a bar to serve as his base of operations, and in his paranoia, Darius made sure that there was only one way in and one way out.
Pippin and May’m, backed by the rest of the party, proved successful in improvising a psychic energy-filled grenade, with May’m directing her magic energies to imbuing it with pure stupefying power. Thus prepared for fighting a mob of Blood Sugar-crazed people, Pippin infiltrated the compound hiding in a person’s backpack after the party discarded an idea that involved dismantling ED-209. After a few minutes casing the joint, the party heard commotion and Korrash opened the door as ED bull-rushed whatever was behind it.

Darius and his cohorts, a mind-bending psion, a witch doctor crone, and an assassin named Shadow, would prove to be the toughest battle Zane and his as yet unnamed team have faced yet. The party started dispatching goblins in short order, but one of the first blows was struck by the psion, who caused ED to strike a great blow to the unsuspecting Zane. With clever maneuvering, Korrash and Zane were able to cut down the witch doctor at the far end of the room in short order. Darius stood firm, however, and though he was beset on all sides he was covered head to toe in armor and had few vulnerable points. His armor proved to be his undoing, because Shaelyn used his lack of mobility and conductivity to her advantage, blasting him time and again with arcane lightning. Pippin broke off to attack the psion and dealt a wicked blow, and just when the party seemed to have secured a victory, Shadow came out of hiding and stabbed May’m in the back and in one blow she collapsed. “NO!” shouted Zane, and Korrash and Zane quickly healed May’m and attacked Shadow, but Shadow was too elusive and their attacks did not find their target. Shaelyn was left with ED to battle Darius, and Pippin too, had collapsed from fighting the psion. Shaelyn was able to revive Pippin, and the party eventually dispatched the psion and Darius, while Shadow kept harassing Korrash and May’m through teleportation and trickery. Shadow fled the building, but the party caught up with her and captured her. Going along with Korrash’s repeated commands and Pippin’s assention, ED dealt the final knock-out blow, and as the party began to rest and get their bearings, Korrash secured Shadow in teleportation-restricting manacles.


Good stuff! We should have a team name..

The Battle at the Blood Sugar Bar

A team name AND a ship name!

The Battle at the Blood Sugar Bar

The depictions here are awesome Tito.

The Battle at the Blood Sugar Bar
Takinator Takinator

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