The Filthy Fang Gang


Another investigation of Darius’ former compound revealed a secret passage that led to a bathroom stall in the Sharn Lightning Rail depot past the customs and security checkpoints. After a brief and somewhat fruitless interrogation of Darius and Shadow, the party turned Darius, Shadow, and the confiscated Blood Sugar for a whopping 2000 gold pieces. Having decided they had stockpiled enough, Zane split the money between the group, most of whom bought reagents for Pippin to imbue their weapons with magic.

The still-unnamed party discussed their future options and decided that they would press on towards the Lhazaar Principalities and Tempest’s secret hideout, but just as they concluded, the ship’s doctor came running and shouted “The ship is under attack!”. The party rushed back to find Eran and Squee fighting against a large group of wererats. A battle was joined, and Eran and Squee held them off the ship by fighting on the gangplanks while the party took them out from the rear. Each wererat was cut down, but Eran was hurt, and Shaelyn got bit and contracted Filth Fever. Notably, Squee remained untouched, living up to his reputation from the Blood Sugar Bar battle.

Shaelyn went to see the ship’s doctor as the rest of the party licked its wounds and cleaned up the mess. After some experimental treatments, Shaelyn seemed to fully recover. Not wanting to be caught off guard again, the party decided to send Shaelyn, Korrash, and Pippin out to do some reconnaissance while the rest of the party stayed and guarded the ship. The recon team asked around, discovering that their assailants were part of the Filthy Fang Gang, but not much was known about them. After a brief search of the area, Korrash was able to pick up their tracks, which of course led down the sewers. Shaelyn lit a torch while Korrash led the party just out of range of the torchlight. After some distance, Korrash noticed a scurrying behind them. The team ducked around an offshoot pipeline as a huge swarm of rats passed them, skittering and making filthy sounds. Pippin found a gizmo in the water and pocketed it, but as the team resumed it’s search, the sound of rushing water behind them filled their ears, and the team hurried forward. With no more offshoots nearby to duck in, the team had no choice but to run, and the rushing water flooded ever closer, until at least they were swept up by it. Pippin flew into Korrash’s pocket while Korrash and Shaelyn begin holding their breath and swimming, because the water filled the entire sewer with no pockets for air. The water battered them all over the place, and they had been carried a great distance before Korrash managed to find a handhold near the top of the sewer where there was some air, and he grabbed on with one hand while he grasped Shaelyn’s hand in the other. Pippin tried to climb up Korrash’s chest to get to the air, but he struggled greatly, and in a last-ditch effort, he cast his pixie dust onto Shaelyn, who flew so she could better position herself with her arms around Korrash’s back. This freed Korrash’s hand to life Pippin out of the water and put him on Korrash’s head, while Korrash then grabbed the handhold with both hands.

The water eventually died down, and the team rested from the ordeal before resuming their search. They eventually found a pit, and as Korrash climbed a rope down while Pippin flew, Shaelyn struggled with the slippery rope and fell down. They eventually came to a door, and after disarming a trap near the hinge, the party knew it was coming closer to its target. Ahead they heard the mutterings of three were-rats, and the party engaged them. While they were not too much trouble for the recon team, they were led by a wererat king that had hundreds of rats perpetually swarming about him. Rats bit into Shaelyn and Pippin, and though the team eventually managed to knock out their foe, Pippin this time contracted the Filth Fever. The team limped back through the sewer, delivering the Filthy Fang Gang leader to the party for questioning, who revealed on the way back that he had been hired by someone with the mark of the Unicorn on his shoulder.


That session was hilarious and epic. That pixie dust move was genius. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you’re in danger of dying.

The Filthy Fang Gang

If anyone had gone down from filthy sewer water, I wouldn’t have ever let them live it down…

Good work Tito! :D

The Filthy Fang Gang
Takinator Takinator

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