The Korranberg Memorial Expedition

Bounty bay online pirate ship sailing
Pippin was able to shrug off his filth fever with the aid of The Doctor and the party argued about what to do with the Rat King. After taking a vote, the party turned him in to the Sharn Guard for a hefty reward. With that, the group set sail in their newly renovated ship.

Because the ship is fairly small, its range is limited by how much food and other supplies it can hold. With a full crew, the ship can hold supplies for 4 days of travel and we can scavenge for further days worth of supplies on the ocean. We were able to safely reach Trolanport, where we stopped to inquire about elemental power sources. We were told that a ship like ours would require 3 large Khyber shards, bound with elementals (preferably wind or water for a galleon).

The party set out from Trolanport and immediately was set upon by two storms. The first blew us off course, but the second filled our sails and took us quickly to our next destination: Korranberg. We didn’t do much in Korranberg itself, but we heard about a potential wind elemental sighting north in the Seawall Mountains. Since we were relatively close, we hopped aboard the lightning rail, heading north to Zolanberg.


Takinator Takinator

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