(Crew) Pierce Edinbaugh

A youthful, intelligent, spoiled brat.


Pierce Edinbaugh is the spoiled only child of Karrnathi diplomatic nobility.


Attended a prestigious academy where he was trained and excelled in all aspects. Kids at the academy demonstrate divine and arcana ability and are trained to harness this power.

Accidently killed a class mate and was sent away by parents to avoid embarrassment. Pierce has to earn his family’s inheritance on his journey and is otherwise unwelcome back home. Ultra intelligent, little common sense or understanding how the world works. Specializes in language, history, science, and arcana.

He is determined to explore Eberron and discover something that will prove his worth to his parents. While finding his own identity as a teenager.

Pierce encountered Zane in Sharn just after his arrival from a cargo ship Pierce had stowed away on. After the wererat encounter, Zane managed to catch Pierce sneaking off the neighboring ship and was able to convince him to help with their cause.

(Crew) Pierce Edinbaugh

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