A large warforged wielding a greataxe.


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
ED-209, level 6
Warforged, Fighter (Slayer)
Experimental Prototype (+2 to Endurance)
Theme: Ironwrought

STR 19, CON 15, DEX 17, INT 10, WIS 11, CHA 8

STR 16, CON 13, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 11, CHA 8

AC: 24 Fort: 21 Ref: 18 Will: 16
HP: 60 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 15

Acrobatics +11, Athletics +13, Endurance +15, Intimidate +9

Arcana +3, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering +3, Heal +3, History +3, Insight +3, Nature +3, Perception +3, Religion +3, Stealth +6, Streetwise +2, Thievery +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Ironwrought Attack: Inevitable Strike
Warforged Racial Power: Warforged Resolve
Multiple Class Attack: Power Strike
Fighter Utility: Berserker’s Charge
Fighter Utility: Battle Wrath
Ironwrought Utility 2: Steely Resolve
Fighter Utility 6: Line Breaker

Level 1: Master at Arms
Level 1: Armor Proficiency: Plate
Level 2: Improved Defenses
Level 4: Berserker’s Fury
Level 6: Headsman’s Chop

Adventurer’s Kit
Amulet of Protection +1 x1
Armbow Crossbow +1
Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier) x1
Carnage Greataxe +2 x1
Mithral Plating Plate Armor +2 x1
== End ==


10-Minute Background Info:

1. Background and concept elements important to my character

1.1. ED-209’s soul is not artificial. The Cannith artificers found a way to capture stray souls in the astral sea and implant them in warforged bodies. Ed’s soul is that of a barbarian that lived hundreds of years ago in the frozen north. ED doesn’t remember anything of his barbarian past, but his old personality will sometimes leak into his consciousness.

1.2. ED-209 was an experimental peacekeeper warforged, designed to be a one-man police force. But ED turned out to be too unstable, so he was disassembled and put in storage, where he was later found and repaired by Pippin Eventide.

1.3. Cannith didn’t just disassemble ED, they salvaged his body and mind for components to continue their experiment with another warforged host body. Because of this, ED-209’s programming (arcane consciousness) is incomplete. His soul is split between two bodies, and whole functions of his mind are damaged or missing. Pippin filled those areas in with pieces he could find to get ED functioning again, but the result is that ED’s behavior is sometimes erratic.

1.4. One of the main brain functions missing from ED is the ability to make ethical decisions and choices. He will sometimes fake it based on what he thinks is expected of him, but most often he will defer to his friends when faced with a moral issue. In that way, ED uses people he can trust to fill in the missing pieces of his mind.

2. Character Goals

2.1. Character goal—ED-209’s main objective is to keep the peace and stop violence. This stems from his residual intended design. Due to faulty programming or his barbarian soul, his irony is that he uses violent means to stop violence.

2.2. My goal for character—Eventually ED-209 will begin to piece together the damage done to his mind and start to understand where the other part of it is. To keep from going insane, he will start down a path towards finding his “other half” to incorporate it into his own mind and body. This will be his epic battle.

3. Secrets

4. People Tied to the Character

4.1 Bean
Bean was ED-209’s barbarian cousin and the person he was sworn to protect. Though ED does not currently remember her, he still gets mysterious flashbacks of a snowy land and a struggle for survival.

4.2. Shadowy Organization
Several years after ED-209 and Pippin escaped Cyre, they were attacked by some bandits on a quiet road. Once the dust had cleared from ED “stopping their violence,” Pippin searched their equipment and found all the tools necessary to capture and transport a large warforged. Who are these people and what do they want with ED?

5. Memories, Mannerisms, and Quirks

5.1 ED-209 lacks the ability to feel emotionally fulfilled by peace, even though he knows it is his objective. To him, stopping violence is the real joy, not the peace that follows. So after long periods of nonviolence ED slips into a depression.

5.2 ED has brief flashes of his life as a barbarian. These flashes are a complete mystery to ED, but they always leave him with a feeling of regret.

5.3 When ED shuts down, either as rest or because of his erratic programming, his consciousness sometimes slips into the body of his other half. ED doesn’t realize yet what is going on and after coming back online thinks that the things he saw and hear were what people call “a dream.”


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