(Crew) Elena Darkwater

Once part of a cult dedicated to the Devourer, now a priest of Sela's Path


Elena Darkwater
Half-Elf, Cleric (Warpriest)
Domain: Storm Domain
Half-Elf Power Selection Option: Knack for Success
Thrane (+2 to Religion)
Theme: Watershaper


Elena Darkwater was raised in Thrane, within the group known as Storm Front, a cult within House Lyrandar that focuses on the Devourer as the source of Lyrandar’s power. As she grew, Elena realized that the cult was wrong and decided to break away from the group when she was able, taking care to hide her plans from her parents. This plan was put into action upon Elena discovering the lax security aboard the Golden Dragon, a massive elemental airship docked at the House Lyrandar enclave in Flamekeep.

Though she was caught sneaking around while the airship was en route to Sharn, Elena was able to persuade Captain Alistair d’Lyrandar to bring her to House Lyrandar’s enclave in Dragon Towers, Middle Central instead of turning her in to the guard. She plead her case to Solia d’Lyrandar, who allowed Elena to join Sela’s Path as a novice. Solia has been secretly keeping a close eye on Elena ever since, still distrustful of anyone coming from Storm Front.

As a result of her upbringing within the cult, Elena’s career has suffered. No elemental galleon or airship has been willing to take her on… until very recently, when she was approached by Shaelyn.

(Crew) Elena Darkwater

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