(Crew) Eran the Fisher

A farmer and fisher who proved his courage and skill in battle to the Storm Chasers and joined the crew.


Eran’s family lived on the shores of Lake Galifar, near the border between Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches. The skirmishes between the Reachers and the Aundairians grew larger and larger, and although Eran and his family tried to keep a low profile, the skirmishes grew ever closer. In one terrible day, Eran lost his only son when the skirmishes drew too close to his home. In his grief, he and his wife Alice decided to leave their home and move to Breland, which still had rich, arable farmland but in a much more stable region. Using what little money they had, they traveled to Sharn on the way to the farmland farther south, hoping to pick up a few odd jobs and earn some extra money for the last leg of the journey. They did not have enough to stay in the nicer parts of town, however, and so it was that they were staying at an inn near Darius’s realm of influence. That first night, as Eran was returning from spending the day looking for jobs, he heard a commotion outside their inn. There were so many people there, all hopped up on Blood Sugar and attacking the nearest living thing. Alice ran to him, but it was too late…

…when the dust had cleared, his pitchfork was in another man’s chest, and his wife Alice lay there dead in his arms. Some adventurers had helped him save the day, and they had the nerve to offer him a job! …Still…what else did Eran have left in this unfamiliar place?

Eran is a proud Aundairian, and very smart for a farmer/fisher. He is prone to bouts of depression, as his losses are still too near to him. But as time goes on and he continues to spend time with our fun-loving crew, surely he will regain his hope for the future, right?

(Crew) Eran the Fisher

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