Llyra Darkchaser

The sweet younger sister of Korrash who became an adventurer after Korrash left his home.



It has been 11 years since Korrash left his family to join the Trust and become an adventurer. His father died when Korrash was 12 years old, protecting a mining crew when they were attacked by a Khyber-twisted abomination. Korrash grew up working in the mines and tried to support the rest of his family as best as he could. His mother ran a Vadalis-licensed kennel for the local Underdark dogs and wildlife, some of which were trained to help protect the community or prospect for dragonshards. She was pregnant when her husband died, and she gave birth to twins, Adriella and Aidan. Under the stress of having no father and now having twins to feed, Korrash chose to join and be trained by the Trust, who promised they would look after his family, and send them a percentage of everything he makes. The twins have grown up without knowing their brother, but the family has tried to tell them stories and make them excited for Korrash’s eventual return, and deep gnomes are generally supportive and collectivistic by nature.

His older sister Koralia was very dutiful and helped their mother run the house and take care of the children. She was 16 years old when Korrash left, and by that time she was already well-respected in the community for her hospitality and cooking, as well as her ability to look after the injured and assist the healing process.

Korrash remembers Llyra as his sweet younger sister, full of life and joy. She grew up very close to Korrash, and when he left the family she would dream of his adventures. Several years after Korrash left, she also left to become an adventurer and seek a life of fame, unbeknownst to Korrash. She has been gone several years, and has changed much in that time, gaining the ability to focus and be much more serious than she used to be. It has been some time since anyone has heard from her…

Llyra Darkchaser

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