(Crew) Oriana Brightmoon

A beautiful young gnome and a columnist for the Korranberg Chronicle who captured the heart of Korrash.


Oriana Brightmoon remembered the words Avi her boss told her earlier… “You better find yourself a story…a real story this time, not that crap you’ve been giving me lately…or else!” To be fair, Oriana did know what he was talking about. She had been suffering from a lack of inspiration, and had wrote about such drivel lately, that even she made herself sick, and her column was not what it used to be. As she left her office in the Korranberg Chronicle building, she went to the one place she always went to when she was in a slump…the seedy underbelly of Sharn. You were almost guaranteed to find some juicy gossip or scandal, something to jumpstart the heart rate.

After a few minutes of intel gathering, she learned that she just missed one of the bigger stories she’s heard in Sharn in a while. Apparently, a band of adventurers just single-handedly captured a drug boss and broke up his gang of thugs. “Tu’van! I always miss the big breaks. If only I wasn’t…” but then her eyes caught a glimpse of a sign on a nearby post. It seemed that same band of adventurers was looking for crew for their ship. Determined not to miss another big story, Oriana decided to go where adventure might be. She rushed to the nearest message station, paid her fee, ran to the booth, linked the stone to the Korranberg Chronicle building, and said “Avi, I have a great new idea for my column!…”

“…A journalist? What does she know about ships?”
“I agree let’s not waste the…”
“Welcome aboard!” said Korrash. Oriana curtsied to Korrash and brought her bags below deck.
“Uh…what the heck?”
“Care to explain yourself, Korrash?”
No one could see his eyes under his goggles, and he stood still for a minute before he answered. “I’m going to marry her.”
“…you’re WHAT?”
“Have you met her before?”
Korrash shook his head as he clenched his lips together.
“Hahaha! Korrash, you’re a dog aren’t you?”
“I think it’s romantic!”
“Way to go, Korrash! Blondes are more fun, trust me.”
“Shut up, guys.” said Korrash, as his grey cheeks blushed white. He turned and went below deck with everyone laughing behind him.

Oriana Brightmoon is a young, idealistic gnome. She has had minor wizard training at the Library of Korranberg before she took her job as a columnist at the Korranberg Chronicle. She has not had much success there, and is hoping her new column theme will be her first big break in her career. She attempted to convince the party that the publicity her column would bring could make them heroes and help them have friendly contacts in more ports, but the party mostly let her join because Korrash was struck with love at first sight and the party wants to see where the relationship goes, or at least see Korrash be happy.

(Crew) Oriana Brightmoon

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