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Session 3
450g from last adventure

New contract from Soleas of House Lyrandar to capture the Tempest – 1000g upfront, 5000g when completed. Includes ship repair and overhaul (retrofit).

Total for session 3: 1450 gold + ship


Darius – former paladin of silver flame; ex-communicated – worships dark six
2nd member – Mind power – No interaction
3rd member – Witch Doctor – Leads – Summons spirits
4th member – Assassin – Dead bitch

SESSION 4 Continued

500 gp in gems, silver, copper, and gold
Hidden compartment of Blood Sugar – 2,000g street value
Masterwork Plate
1 Vial of Black Mud, Deathjump Spider venom, 250g – 1 Use – +10 vs Fortitude, ongoing 10 poison and slowed, save ends both.

Total Session 4:
2,000g of Blood Sugar
1 vial of Deathjump Spider Venom

Turned in Darius & Shadow & Blood Sugar – 500g for Darius, 500g for Blood Sugar, 1000 for Shadow.

Total of 3,950 gold so far. Split up to the party 564 gold a piece.


Found 400g

SESSION 7 – New Sail

400g from session 6 from wererat king.

860g from bounty for wererat king.

1000g hobgoblin wizard reward

SESSION 8 – Railways and Air Elementals

2210g from previous sessions

Elemental Fight
Alluring Veil (May’m) – Conceal features, augment glamour – Illusions encounter minor action – assume appearance of any other humanoid your side. No sound or texture change. Daily free action power – trigger use daily or encounter with keyword illusion, make 2 attack rolls. Level 7 uncommon item.

Bracers of Brachiation (Rhin) – Gain climb speed half of ground speed, swing through trees in forest at climb speed not leaving tracks. Level 5 heroic item

Floating Shield (Zane)- Heavy shield, user to not sink below surface of any liquid at will. +3 item bonus to endurance or athletics.

Magical Sled (Pippen) – Ignore difficult terrain.

Elemental Essence


Total Gold – 2,960

SESSION 9 – Mines and Dragonshards

Gold from previous session – 2,910g

Weird Aberrant Battle

4 Large Kybar Shards
+1 Vicious Greataxe – ED-209
Gloves of Grace – Daily action – ally adjacent makes a saving throw. – ZANE
Climber’s Rope – RHIN
Boots of Eagerness – Encounter Power minor – take a move action – KORRASH
Augment Shard +1 damage bonus to lightning attacks – SHAELYN
Well bred dog – “Salty” – high tier smart/fast/dark vision – RHIN
1,000g – from poisoner

SESSION 10 – Poisons & Trainspotting

Gold divied out – 520g in party fund. – Handed out to crew.

SESSION 11 – Ransom
Sold Kybar shard for 2,000g

2.000g spent on elemental binding installation.

0 gold in party fund.

SESSION 12 – Missed the Session

Party acquired 1,085g

SESSION 13 – Tempest

Battleship – 2,000g – 350g for repairs.

Necklace, small dragon shards built in, Deneith, splits into 2 when touched, burning sensation in my marks of warding. Guardian Circlet, pair – higher level bodyguards, +2 enhance to neck, daily power immediate interrupt, use this power when an attuned ally within 5 would be bloodied, switch spaces and take the attack, special if you have Mark of Sentinel add 5 range, special, each circlet has an attunement. Zane likes this very much.

Deep Pocket Cloak – +2 enhancement, pockets can hold 1,000 pounds or 100 cubic feet. No item may weight more than 10 pounds, minor interaction, encounter use as a free action.

Map of Khorvaire

Total gold: 2,735g


D&D Loot Page

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