Quests and Goals

Party Quests/Goals

The Storm Chasers

  • Stop Tempest
  • Get Billy off our back (obtain a magical mirror in Xendrik)

Character Quests/Goals


Korrash Darkchaser

  • Protect Zilargo and Khorvaire by working for the Trust with his new partner Pippin Eventide.
  • Hunt down and kill Thorn to avenge Jubal’s death.
  • Rescue his younger sister Llyra Darkchaser from the Blood Sugar drug ring.
  • Marry Oriana Brightmoon.
  • Champion the cause of justice through continued bounty hunting.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of his family in the deep mine and his surrogate family, the Storm Chasers.

May’m Af’Valendar

Pippin Eventide

  • Repair the link between Eberron and Thelanis (the Feywild).
  • Wants to see House Cyre regain its importance. To that end is always working on new and exciting inventions.
  • Is a new agent of the Trust, so goes on missions for them with his partner Korrash Darkchaser.


Shaelyn d’Lyrandar

Zane d’Deneith

Quests and Goals

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