Changelings are subtle, clever shapechangers that can disguise themselves as members of other races. Sometimes called doppelgangers, changelings play a prominent part in espionage and political intrigue.

Devas are spirits of a distant age, reborn again and again into a world that has all but forgotten them.

Dragonborn stand between the realms of mortals and those of the great dragons, at home in neither.

Dwarves are masters of stone and iron, dauntless and unyielding in the face of adversity.

Eladrin are graceful warriors and wizards at home in the eldritch twilight of the Feywild.


Gnomes are slight, sly tricksters who originated from the Feywild and excel at avoiding notice.

Goblins in Eberron are heirs to one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed. While still looked down upon by some other races, a goblin adventurer would not feel out of place in Eberron.


Half-Elves are travelers, adventurers, traders, and diplomats. They are born leaders whose glib tongues invite friendly smiles and inspire welcoming arms.

Halflings are quick and resourceful wanderers, small in stature but great in courage.

Half-Orcs combine the strength and hardiness of orcs with the cunning and ambition of humans, creating a tough breed indeed.

Humans are builders and destroyers, with fleeting life spans that can drive them to momentous accomplishments or simple pleasures.

Kalashtar have alien minds seamlessly merged with human flesh and spirits. They are mystics from the distant continent of Sarlona, and they are devoted to fighting the evils that threaten Eberron.

Shifters are ferocious heirs of the wild, the perfect fusion of civilized race and wild beast.

Tieflings are plagued by their dark and sinister heritage. They walk through the shadows of their race’s past, savoring the darkness or trying to escape it.

Warforged are constructs created to serve as soldiers in the Last War. The Treaty of Thronehold freed the warforged from House Cannith’s control, and since then, many warforged find themselves adrift, searching for meaning and identity in a world no longer at war.


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