Ship Combat

Ship combat

-Every ship or vehicle has 1 move action controlled by the pilot and can move it’s speed. The turn radius will depend on the ship.

-Any on-board weapons are controlled by whoever is using it. Most will require reloading.

-Ships have defenses and HP like anything else, but will usually be immune to any mind-altering effects and have a large resistance to damage in general.

-Heavy artillery on ships meant to take down other ships will usually have very high damage and very low to hit. Because ships usually won’t have very high defenses, the canons will be able to hit ships often, but have a hard time hitting anything small that’s moving.

You need 2 people to operate and reload a weapon. Player stats will matter. +1 for every 5 points above 5 in dex, int, or wis. High strength means you can 1-man it.

- It takes a minimum of 5 crew members to run the elemental conduit on the ship and keep it running.

- Every successful hit on a ship will trigger an additional roll to see if it hits a non vital area (pure hp damage), sails/elemental conduit, crew (both npcs and players), hull (ship starts filling with water represented as damage every turn), weapons, or other areas. On a crit, you decide what gets hit. This also happens when the ship is bloodied. Critical fails on a cannon damage them.

- If a crew member gets hit, if you are nearby, you can take the hit for the crew member.

- The Pilot obviously has a large impact as far as steering the ship and utilizing the power of the elemental.
- Loading/firing cannons.
- Charisma check to motivate the elemental and/or crew. Motivating the elemental could give a bonus to speed, motivating the crew can give bonuses to their checks.
- Mid-combat ship repairs.
- Perception check to find weaknesses and gain a bonus to crit range.
- Arcana check to help with the elemental defense systems.
- Nature check to read the ocean currents to help speed/maneuvering.
- Putting out fires, or dealing with any other critical situation.
- Bluff check to help the Pilot juke the other ship for +defense.
- Acrobatics or Athletics to help an area of crew members to dodge any incoming cannon fire.

Where does the cannonball hit?
/roll 1d8 (If attack roll crit, choose instead)
1-2: Non-vital (pure hp)
4: Hull (damage every turn until repair)
5: Cannon (disabled until repair)
6: Sails/Elemental (reduced speed until repair)
7-9: Crew (roll crew table to determine who)

Which crew member gets hit?
/roll 1d15
2:Korrash Darkchaser
3:May’m Af’Valendar
4:Pippin Eventide
6:Shaelyn d’Lyrandar
7:Zane d’Deneith
9:Elena Darkwater
10:Eran the Fisher
11:Mickey “the Kid”
12:Oriana Brightmoon
13:Pierce Edinbaugh
15:The Doctor

Ship Combat

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