The Church of P

The Church of P is a thieves guild that operates in the city of Sharn and is headquartered in the secret basement of The Beached Whale. The main goal of the guild is to steal from those that abuse their power to increase their wealth and power at the expense of the weak and poor, and give to those that need it. Typical targets are government officials, tax collectors, and even some arms of the dragonmarked houses.

Pippin Eventide is a member of the guild, ever since he was seen helping some orphans steal food from the marketplace. Pippin sees the guild as an opportunity to try and fix some of the problems he sees in Sharn.

The guild calls itself the Church of P to avoid suspicion of anyone who catches wind of the name—Khorvaire is full of small, obscure religions. There is some debate among the members as to what the P references. Although Pippin likes to joke about it, one thing is certain: it is not named after him.

The guild has a rivalry with the other thieves guilds in Sharn. Periodically, the guild leaders will meet and boast about their biggest heists.

The Church of P

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