Murder on the Korranberg Express

Lightning rail
The party had just finished stopping a Xoriat invasion in the Deep Mines. We recovered 4 large Khyber shards for our ship, and so we got a ride on the lightning rail back to our ship in Korranberg. While sitting down for a nice meal, May’m noticed the faint smell of a deadly poison in our food. Fortunately she discovered this before we ate, and the party was able to capture the waiter that did the poisoning. Unfortunately he was just a pawn that was paid by Billy, a House Orien royal also on the train.

We tracked the royal back to his fancy car backed with armed Orien and Tharashk guards. Zane and May’m tried talking with Billy, but he was being a pain in the ass. Not wanting to just let him off the hook for what he tried to do, the party drugged Billy, took him as a hostage, and hijacked the engine car of the train to escape.

The party dropped the train off somewhere outside of Korranberg and sneaked into the city, hoping to deliver Billy to House Lyrandar as a wanted criminal. Much to our surprise, Lyrandar wanted nothing to do with the capture of a nobleman from such a powerful house, despite his involvement in previous attacks on Lyrandar ships. With nowhere else to turn with our hostage, the party started making its way to its ship only to be cornered by Tharashk and Orien guards.

The session ended as the party took out the first wave of Tharashk guards.


Takinator AdonSiegel

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