Postlude - Back on the Ship

Newpaper small“I’m so proud of it; this is some of my best work yet! What do you guys think?” Oriana’s face beamed as she slapped her article on the table. Korrash picked up the article and as he read it, he chuckled several times. “I think it is great Oriana!” “Did you get my joke about the bugbear and the banana?” “Did I! That was hilarious!” In their excitement Korrash hugged Oriana, who started blushing, but as Korrash held on a little too long Oriana clammed up. Korrash released her, and blushing, he stammered “Yeah…I think it was great…” He quickly dashed down to his quarters.

The rest of the party sat mildly stunned from the awkward display and sexual tension lingering in the air until May’m and Zane picked up the paper off the table. After a few minutes Zane gave May’m a “Really?” look, and he whispered “This doesn’t make much sense.” May’m nodded and looked at Oriana. “I think you’ve spent too long in the wizard’s tower and not long enough in the pressroom. Your trouble is that you need to remember your audience. This is full of puns and references that only gnomes would understand. And I don’t exactly see why a train derailing is a laughing matter.”

Oriana looked hurt for a second, but then a twinkle came in her eye and eagerly she asked “Lady May’m? Will you teach me and be my editor? I really want to get better, and I know you would be a great teacher!” May’m stared directly into her eyes, but not sensing any malice, she gave her assent. After a long discussion about the party name that lasted into the night, May’m and Oriana came up with the following headline:



This was an awesome way to describe such a simple adventure!

Postlude - Back on the Ship
Takinator Takinator

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