• ED-209


    A large warforged wielding a greataxe.
  • Korrash Darkchaser

    Korrash Darkchaser

    Korrash is a svirfneblin in a suit of scale armor, with a throwing spear on his back and a pike in his hand. A pair of iron manacles dangles from his hip.
  • May'm Af'Valendar

    May'm Af'Valendar

    Elf Bard, a Companion
  • Pippin Eventide

    Pippin Eventide

    The truest repairman, Pippin fixes not only machines, but the men who fix them.
  • Rhin


    Did you hear something?...Wait I think I did...Nevermind, I guess not...*STAB*
  • Shaelyn d'Lyrandar

    Shaelyn d'Lyrandar

    A short half-elf with the Mark of Storm on her palm, striving to do her best for House Lyrandar.
  • Zane d'Deneith

    Zane d'Deneith

    Young military prodigy & strategist - Aspires to something greater.