Pippin Eventide

The truest repairman, Pippin fixes not only machines, but the men who fix them.


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== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Pippin Eventide, level 6
Pixie, Rogue (Thief)
Cannith Tinker (+2 to Thievery)
Theme: Trapsmith

STR 8, CON 11, DEX 19, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 19

STR 8, CON 11, DEX 16, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 16

AC: 20 Fort: 15 Ref: 21 Will: 19
HP: 48 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 12

Acrobatics +12, Arcana +9, Bluff +12, Intimidate +12, Perception +10, Stealth +14, Streetwise +12, Thievery +16

Athletics +2, Diplomacy +7, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance +3, Heal +3, History +4, Insight +3, Nature +5, Religion +4

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Trapsmith Attack: Trip the Trap
Pixie Utility: Pixie Dust
Pixie Utility: Shrink
Rogue Utility: Backstab
Rogue Utility: Ambush Trick
Rogue Utility: Unbalancing Trick
Rogue Utility: Escape Artist’s Trick
Rogue Utility: Cunning Escape
Artificer Feature: Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula
Artificer Feature: Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture
Rogue Utility 2: Master of Deceit
Pixie Utility 6: Pixie Invisibility

Level 1: Light Blade Expertise
Level 1: Mark of Making
Level 2: Student of Artifice
Level 4: Weapon Proficiency (Rapier)
Level 6: Streak of Light

Adventurer’s Kit
Dagger x6
Thieves’ Tools
Artisan’s Tools
Trap-Making Kit
Goblin Totem Rapier +1 x1
Magic Leather Armor +1 x1
Charlatan’s Kit
Cloak of Resistance +2
Reverse-Shrink Belt (heroic tier) x1
Reading Spectacles x1
Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier) x1
Alchemist’s Essence (level 11)
Blinding Bomb (level 3)
Longbreath (heroic tier)
Deep-Pocket Cloak +2 x1
Greater Sovereign Glue (level 28)
== End ==


I served as a familiar to a young artificer in the Tinkers Guild of House Cannith. The magic used to summon and bind me to my master also conferred upon me a reflection of his Dragonmark of Making. This was quickly concealed so he didn’t draw the attention of his own masters. Together we used our marks to great effect.
In the early days things were great; we would travel from town to town repairing warforged and other weapons of war, fixing broken vehicles, and any other tasks required of the guild. Eventually we got good enough at our job that we were transferred to Cyre to work on developing new devices and techniques. But as my master grew older his thirst for arcane knowledge far outpaced my ability to keep up, and I was called on less and less to help. Eventually I realized I was of no more use to him and starting slipping away in the night to explore the laboratory. That is when I met Content Not Found: ed-209, a hunk of discarded experimental warforged parts. After fixing him up, he became my only companion. Eventually the two of us escaped the Cannith laboratories that had been our home and prison. A few years after that we learned that Cyre had been annihilated and war was ending.
We traveled aimlessly for a while, stowing away on a lightning rail car here, or an airship there, until we reached the outskirts of Sharn and met a very nice elf that was coming back from a hunting-fishing-farming trip. As three creatures without a home to return to, we all became fast friends.

10-Minute Background Info:

1. Background and concept elements important to my character

1.1. Pippin was born in Thelanis (the Feywild) and lived there prior to being summoned to be an arcane familiar. His pixie clan considers it an honor to become a familiar and uses it as an opportunity to learn new things. When a familiar’s master dies, the pixie is expected to return to Thelanis to share what it learned.

1.2. Pippin spent the majority of his life in Eberron as the familiar to a House Cannith artificer in the Tinkers Guild. Pippin isn’t the smartest pixie, but he has a natural talent and interest in artifice, and his training has reinforced that. He just “gets” machines and how all of the parts fit together to make a new whole.

1.3. During his time as a familiar, Pippin developed the Mark of Making as a reflection of his master’s, due to the close master-familiar bond. Afraid of what that might mean, Pippin hid the mark while carefully learning its powers. Pippin was afraid that if the mark was discovered he would be separated from his master.

1.4. Prior to leaving the Cannith laboratory, Pippin’s master had stopped calling him to work due to his own intense studies. For several years, Pippin’s only friend was ED-209, and he would routinely sneak off into the House Cannith artifact repository to continue his repairs (and for the companionship). Familiars were kept from leaving the confines of the lab, so Pippin built a hatch into ED-209 that he could ride in to pass by the wards undetected.

1.5. Planning to return to Thelanis, Pippin was crushed to learn that the catastrophic event that destroyed Cyre had also severed the link between it and Eberron. The guilt from leaving his master and the knowledge that he may never see his home again makes Pippin feel very lost in the world.

1.6. Living in the greater Sharn area, Pippin has fallen in with the The Church of P, a thieves guild that claims to steal only from those that can afford it and gives to those that need it. Not seeing the ethical dilemma in that, Pippin has agreed to take on the occasional job. Stolen goods are given to the guild for fencing and redistribution to the needy.

2. Character Goals

2.1. Character goal—Ultimately Pippin wants to repair the link to Thelanis so he can return home for his familiar debriefing. Also, he doesn’t have a good feeling about what the Mourning could mean for Thalanis.

2.2. My goal for character—I’d like to explore Pippin’s relationship with House Cannith, perhaps eventually learning the fate of his old master.

3. Secrets

4. People Tied to the Character

4.1 Jinto Lightpaw
This panda hengeyokai is a druid that has also been stranded in Eberron from Thelanis. Until he can return, Jinto has continued to safeguard his sacred grove deep within the King’s Forest. Jinto was surprised to see a pixie flying in his grove one morning, and Pippin was surprised to see a panda speaking to him in elven. Happy to have each others’ company while stuck in Eberron, the two will often spend their brief visits together laughing, singing, and reminiscing about Thelanis.

4.2. Tabitha “Rosie” Roseguard
Rosie is the owner and barmaid of The Beached Whale, a seedy tavern in lower Sharn. She is an unofficial member of Pippin’s thieves guild, letting the guild use the tavern cellars as a safe house and passing information along. Rosie and Pippin have been cultivating a banterful and often flirtatious relationship that Pippin knows is more than just fishing for tips. Pippin also regularly fights with Rosie’s cat after it tried to eat him.

4.3 Archbishop Laurentius Koront
The Archbishop of Aruldusk in Thrane was publicly embarrassed by Pippin when a large amount of his personal holdings was stolen by the pixie and thrown to the overtaxed population. To keep the cheering mob happy, the Archbishop took responsibility for the “tax refund” while quietly ordering that the pixie be found and brought to justice. Although he has not set foot in Thrane since, Pippin has had several run-ins with bounty hunters looking to collect Koront’s reward.

5. Memories, Mannerisms, and Quirks

5.1 Pixies can communicate with animals, and since meeting Jinto, Pippin will often strike up conversations with animals in case they are also hengeyokai.

5.2 Pippin has a passion for fixing things that borders on obsession. Sometimes during a robbery he will get distracted and instead of stealing things he will make some household repairs instead. Other times he will sneak in someplace specifically to fix something, then take what he thinks is a fair price for his work.

5.3 Pippin remembers growing up in Thelanis, where being sneaky and tricky was necessary to survive.

5.4 Due to the prevalence of some children’s stories, pixies are often believed to be all female. This is a constant source of embarrassment for Pippin, and so he will often introduce himself as ’Mr. Eventide."

Pippin Eventide

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