Did you hear something?...Wait I think I did...Nevermind, I guess not...*STAB*


Rhin, level 1
Wood Elf, Ranger (Hunter)
Archery Style Option: Bow Hunter
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Wilderness Tracker (Ranger)
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Ambush Expertise (Ranger)
Occupation – Hunter (+2 to Stealth)
Theme: Explorer

STR 10, CON 11, DEX 20, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 10

STR 10, CON 11, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 10

AC: 17 Fort: 11 Ref: 16 Will: 12
HP: 23 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 5

Acrobatics +10, Dungeoneering +7, Nature +9, Perception +9, Stealth +15

Arcana +0, Athletics +0, Bluff +0, Diplomacy +0, Endurance +0, Heal +2, History +0, Insight +2, Intimidate +0, Religion +0, Streetwise +0, Thievery +5

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Explorer Utility: Surefooted Stride
Elf Racial Power: Elven Accuracy
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Cunning Fox
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Lurking Spider
Ranger Attack: Disruptive Shot
Ranger Attack: Aimed Shot
Ranger Attack: Clever Shot
Ranger Attack: Rapid Shot

Bow Expertise
Level 1: Weapon Expertise (Bow)
Level 1: Skill Focus (Stealth)

Leather Armor x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Longbow x1


1. Background and concept elements important to my character

1.1 Rhin was born and raised outside of Sharn where he learned to hunt and forage along with his mother, father and 4 siblings. His mother was an expert hunter and marksman who was employed as a mercenary of sorts during the war. His father’s profession is unknown to Rhin, but he is a master of deception and secrecy. When Rhin was born, they both left their professions to live a more quiet life in the woods of Breland along with other members of their elven clan. Rhin was taught the skills that they had learned during the war, but taught the importance of restraint and control of such dangerous skills. They stressed the importance of compassion, kindness and understanding to Rhin and his siblings; as they did not want their children growing up in a world of chaos and war as they had. When Rhin was a teenager, the war forced him and his family to move to Sharn with the rest of their clan. The woods had become too dangerous and people were being kidnapped and attacked daily.

1.2 While living in Sharn, Rhin was employed by the King’s Citadel as a tracker. He would lead soldiers through the wilderness to find criminals and people reported as “missing”. He would also take part in covert “monitoring” operations. As a result, Rhin has some friendly connections with guards/leadership in the King’s Citadel.

1.3 Rhin’s parents raised him to be completely different than them on a personality level. He believes most beings are good. He will typically give someone his trust and the chance to lose it, rather than make them earn it from the start. This does not mean he is naïve, as he is a decent judge of character, but it does leave some room for an unsavory character to take advantage of him.

1.4 After being uprooted from his home and forced to move to Sharn, Rhin was amazed at how accepting and helpful the people and leadership of the city were to him and his family/clan. This created a strong loyalty and bond towards the king and his men. He was grateful for the help he received for his family (finding work, a place to live, fitting in) and tried to give back in any way he could.

1.5 A few months prior to the beginning of the adventure, both of his parents passed away. All of his siblings were married at this point and went to live on their own and make their own life within Sharn. They no longer needed Rhin to take care of them and therefore there was nothing keeping him there. He was also growing tired of the corruption in Sharn. The leadership of the King’s Citadel and Guard were all corrupt and hurting the general populace for their own gain.

1.6 After his father’s death, Rhin was sorting out his affairs and belongings when he found a small box. Inside the box was a note that read, “Rhin, when the time is right”, and a key with 5 serpent/dragon heads engraved on the handle. Rhin does not know what the key is for, or what it means.

2. Character Goals

2.1 Rhin had always heard rumors about his father and what he did during the war. He would never talk about it, even when asked; but the key that Rhin found among his father’s belongings really piqued his curiosity. I’d like Rhin to explore his father’s history.

2.2 To clean up Sharn from the corruption it suffers.

3. People Tied to Character

3.1 Pippin Eventide – Rhin has observed Pippin for quite a while during his stint working with a group of thieves. He feels very protective towards him, even though he has witnessed that he can take care of himself.

3.2 Thrash ir’Tharashk – Rhin grew close to Thrash through his work with the King’s Citadel. Thrash was good at heart, like his father, but soon became corrupt after witnessing his father’s death. They are still close friends, but Rhin doesn’t like the path that Thrash has chosen as he leads the Dark Lanterns in Sharn. He has tried to keep thrash from the evil he can see is brewing inside him.

4. Extra/Other/Misc

4.1 Rhin remembers a strange man coming to the house while they lived in Sharn. The man and his fathered argued intensely about whether he and his family should “come back”. Rhin didn’t know what that meant, but his father eventually kicked the man out and wouldn’t answer any questions about who the man was.


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