Weaver of Flesh

Phyrexian digester

A construction of the Order of the Emerald Claw, this device is a conglomerate of rusted iron cables, bone gears, and pumping muscles of undead. The device’s creator is initially considered its master, but a character can transfer mastery to a new individual by making a successful DC 27 Arcana check performed within the heart of the device.

Once per day, the device can create a zombie hulk from the corpses of one Large, 2 Medium, or 4 Small humanoids. The victims must be fed into the machine alive, which slays them and uses their escaping essences to animate the zombie. The zombie is under the command of the device’s master.

The device can also be used to reshape the face of a willing creature to match that of another creature (usually not so willing). The creatures must both be humanoid, and of the same size. Both must be fed through the machine. The recipient takes on the form of the victim (see the description of the Change Shape ability. AIM 180). The donor is slain and stripped of its face. which is attached to the recipient. This change lasts until the recipient goes back through the machine to resume its old form.

All humanoids that die within two miles of a Weaver of Flesh rise as zombie rotters under the control of the device’s master. Those that die within 100 feet of the device rise instead as corruption corpse Zombies.

Older and more primitive versions of this device, called emerald reanimators, lack the ability to
create corruption corpses.

A Weaver of Flesh either must be constructed within a manifest zone linked to Mabar, or else it must incorporate into its mechanisms the heart and quasi-animate musculature of a sentient undead being of level 16 or higher.

Weaver of Flesh

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